Book Review: The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz

Need a scary read that will literally send you into a panic as your heart races and your hands grow stiff and sweaty from gripping the book with pure intensity? Maybe you're just looking for a book with a sick cover! Allow me to introduce you to this book right here!

In hopes of escaping an abusive boyfriend, Kenzie Moore and her two children move in with Kenzie’s estranged grandmother who runs the Sunrise Bed & Breakfast. They are told they can stay as long as they’d like on one simple condition: stay away from the third floor.

I couldn’t put this book down. There’s a lot here to draw the audience in: a single mother on the run, a Victorian house turned inn nestled in the woods, mysterious boarders, a vicious evil hiding in the walls, a constant sense of dread. I especially appreciated the story taking advantage of many people’s fear of old age through “the old crone” trope with its many grotesqueries. With a masterful use of tension building on the part of author Matt Kurtz (bravo) and a startling ending that will leave your jaw on the floor, THE ROTTING WITHIN did not disappoint. In fact I’m not sure how anyone will sleep after reading it!

Basically, everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and add this to their reading list. I guarantee you will be terrified.


(Big thanks to author Matt Kurtz and Grindhouse Press for this review copy!)

                                                                     xo Nina


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